Odia Food

Savor the essence of Odia cuisine, where the richness of cashews elevates dishes to creamy perfection. With a golden touch of indigenous haldi (turmeric), every bite becomes a celebration of flavor and health. Explore the unique fusion of traditional spices and local ingredients that defines the gastronomic tapestry of Odisha

Daringbadi Mohuli Flower

Daringbadi Mohuli Flowers, native to the picturesque hills of Odisha, paint the landscape with vibrant hues. These blossoms, found in the serene hill station of Daringbadi, offer a sensory delight with their delicate fragrance and striking colors. A symbol of nature’s beauty, they captivate and charm visitors with their unique allure.

Red Haldi Of Baliguda

Detect the allure of Baliguda’s Red Haldi, a unique spice that adds a distinctive touch to Odisha’s culinary tapestry. Renowned for its deep red color and earthy flavor, this indigenous turmeric variety is a testament to the region’s rich agricultural heritage. Experience a burst of authenticity in every sprinkle.

Koraput Cashew

Kandhamala Haldi

Berhampuri Murki

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