Odia Arts

  • On the occasion of Nabakalebar the big festival of Lord Jagannath held in every 20 year. This dead tradition of Lord Jagannath paintings must give a new light.

  • Dive into the essence of Odia Arts, where tradition meets creativity. Delight in the beauty of Odisha's cultural heritage through captivating paintings, intricate sculptures, and mesmerizing dance forms. 


Immerse in the timeless allure of Odia Arts Antique. Unearth the cultural treasures of Odisha through exquisite ancient artifacts, age-old paintings, and heritage-rich sculptures. Embrace history’s beauty.

Our Odia Art Centre

Odi Art Centre, Old National Highway 5, Barkul, Odisha 752030



 If your organizations afford small breathing space or small partition I am interested to display for one week. This gives a new light in Jagannath cult.

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